Body Care


We are Europe's leading supplier of personal care product systems. Mild, gentle formulations with appealing fragrances together with uncomplicated basic lines are a delight to use and pamper your body. The special care line includes special formulations designed to tauten the skin, provide gentle tanning and impart a silky smooth feel.

Bath and Shower

With a popular selection of fragrances and exclusive ingredients, our shower and bath range are an inspiration. High-quality, nutritious ingredients leave the skin feeling pleasant and enhance your sense of wellbeing.


Our deodorants provide efficient 24-hour protection against body odour and underarm perspiration. Whether it's for sensitive skin, reliable protection or long-lasting freshness for active individuals and athletes, we have the perfect deodorant for any situation and need.


The original core product of Mibelle AG, as it used to be known, was soap in bar form. Over the years, the selection has been extended to include liquid soaps. The range now embraces basic soaps with moisturizing ingredients and refreshing fragrances, exfoliating soaps and special-purpose kitchen soaps against unpleasant odours. Our soaps are especially mild and cleanse gently to leave the skin feeling better than good.

Sensitive Skin

We are familiar with the needs of customers with sensitive skin and satisfy them with a wide range of suitable products. The extremely mild formulations have skin-friendly pH values and are enriched with precious skin care complexes. They are discreetly scented, but special care is taken to use fragrances without the potential to cause allergies. Apart from this, formulations are alkali soap-free, contain no colouring agents and are made using only mild preservatives, if any at all.

Special Figure Care

Our figure care products containing the unique IsoSlim Complex are highly effective in improving the appearance of problem skin zones. They help combat various grades of cellulite and help to smooth, tighten and remodel the skin.

Hair Removal

Our range includes a large number of depilatory products that are used in the simple, gentle removal of unwanted body hair. Depilation using wax (hot and cold), chemicals or creams and foams gives users soft, silky skin in a matter of minutes, all in the comfort of their own homes. And for safe, pleasant wet shaving, we offer shaving gels and after-shave lotions with mild ingredients, especially for sensitive skin.