Dental Care

Our Dental Care Expertise

The surest way to healthy teeth and a gleaming white smile is the use of the right oral hygiene products. Almost 50 years ago, Mibelle developed its first toothpaste. Since then, we have developed a continuous stream of products that cover every oral hygiene need. To ensure that our research and development activities are always at the leading edge, we liaise closely with university dental institutes, dental hygienists and dentists. Most of the oral hygiene systems we offer are all-round solutions, where every element is perfectly balanced. We also have special seasonal dental care products that provide unusual taste sensations.


Our basic oral hygiene products protect against tooth decay, remineralize enamel and give fresh-smelling breath and a clean mouth feel. Special-purpose products to help reduce tartar or treat age-related gum disorders round off the range.


Inadequate dental hygiene and the consumption of certain types of food and drinks (fruit, coffee) and tobacco can result in tooth discolouration. Thanks to their unique formula, our range of whitening oral hygiene products helps produce gleaming white teeth. The ultra-mild formulation of White Sensitive toothpaste is suitable even for sensitive teeth and restores their natural whiteness. This removes staining while caring for gums and exposed tooth necks.


When teeth react sensitively to sweet, bitter, hot and cold stimuli, it is often a sign of exposed tooth necks. The Sensitive range is particularly soothing to sensitive teeth and tooth necks. The products combat sensitivity in teeth and tooth necks and protect against decay in those areas.

Special products

We offer a range of highly innovative products for special needs.

For gum problems: our products stimulate the gentle regeneration of irritated gums.

To combat halitosis: our anti-bacterial formulations clean the teeth and tongue thoroughly and provide a long-lasting, ultra-strong feeling of freshness in the entire oral cavity.

To protect enamel: acidic foods and beverages attack tooth enamel. The material eroded is lost forever. Our products limit the formation of acid and harden the enamel.


Our children's toothpastes were developed specifically to provide optimum protection for children's teeth. They remineralize the teeth, harden the enamel (still relatively soft on children's teeth) and protect against decay. They are mild-flavoured and have a lower level of fluoride and calcium, so there is no need to worry if the child swallows the toothpaste. The range also includes a mouthwash with gentle mint flavour. It cleans the entire oral cavity, remineralises and hardens young teeth, makes them more resistant to decay and prevents the formation of plaque. Ideal also for people with braces.

Our products cover children's needs from teething through mixed dentition up to the age of 12.