Face Care

Basic Care

Regardless of your skin type and its demands, we offer you a care programme perfectly suited to your needs that will generate lasting results. It also takes influences like sun and stress into account. The extensive range includes highly effective care products, cleansing lotions, face tonics, instant pick-me-ups for the skin or extra-luxurious care.


Our preventive anti-age products visibly counteract the very first signs of aging skin and effectively delay the process. The formulae contain highly innovative ingredients based on plant stem cells or power peptides for skin that will make you look younger and more beautiful for longer.

Mature Skin

We develop innovative anti-aging products that have been proven to deal effectively with the needs of mature, very mature and dry skin. High-quality ingredients effectively help smooth wrinkles and strengthen skin structure. With its improved structure, the rejuvenated skin is smoother, softer and denser. The result is a natural, healthy glow.

Young Skin

This all-round care programme is structured to meet the special needs of young skin. The mild cleansing products very gently remove dirt and oiliness, while the care products supply the skin with long-lasting moisture. Special products designed for problem skin with a tendency to impurities round off the range.

Sensitive Skin

Our product lines for sensitive skin include a specially developed complex of ingredients for sensitive skin with a tendency towards irritation. They soothe and gently care for skin. Irritations are eased away, the skin's own defensive mechanisms activated and its natural balance restored. At the same time, the skin is intensively moisturized and revitalized. The ingredients are subject to the strictest possible quality controls and guarantee optimum skin compatibility. All products are completely fragrance-free. They contain no alcohol, no preservatives and no colouring agents. All ultra-sensitive products are allergy-tested and certified with the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre label.