Hand & Foot Care


Attractive, cared-for hands and fingernails are an integral part of a well-groomed appearance. We use our hands more regularly than any other part of the body on a daily basis and they require adequate care and maintenance. To remain young-looking and well groomed, hands require as much attention as the face. Our hand care range is designed to give you soft, smooth hands and strengthen the nails. It includes a range of products for everyday care, against aging skin and tired, stressed hands. Special limited editions and seasonal products with unusual fragrances are balm not only for the hands but also for the senses.


We offer a comprehensive range of foot care products for home use. They are ideal for relaxation, against odour or as relief for rough areas on the soles of the feet. The care products increase the sense of wellbeing in the feet and the skin feels softer and smoother. The "Anti-Transpirant" (anti-perspirant) range provides long-lasting, pleasant-smelling protection against excessive perspiration and prevents disagreeable foot odours. The pleasantly refreshing "Wellness" products quickly reinvigorate tired feet and legs. For individuals who put an unusually large strain on their feet, the "Protection" line offers effective protection against abrasion, callused skin and blisters.