Independent Business Unit for Actives Development

Slowing down the skin’s aging process, protecting skin cells, protection against hair damage, creating moisture barriers, stimulating collagen production, balancing skin tone, anti-cellulite: many of the innovations used by the cosmetics industry are the product of the research and inventiveness of the scientists at Mibelle Group Biochemistry.

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Nature as a Source of Ideas for Innovatice Activities

This independent business unit within the Mibelle Group specialises in research, development and the production of active ingredients that are sold to companies in the cosmetics industry all over the world.

The main thrust of their research is applied to areas such as anti-aging, skin protection and soothing, anti-cellulite and slimming, hair care, moisturizers and whitening. The raw materials are molecules extracted from natural products, which are transformed into highly functional cosmetic ingredients in the laboratory. The scientists also make use of state-of-the-art encapsulation technologies. These guarantee optimum bioavailability and thus ensure maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients sourced. One milestone of recent years that attracted international attention was the world’s first development of an active ingredient based on plant stem cells: the stem cells of a rare variety of apple that ages more slowly than others.

Scientific Work with a Feel for Market Trends

Mibelle Group Biochemistry’s team of specialists have many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise in the cosmetics industry. They make a point of keeping up to speed on worldwide trends in the beauty and health sectors, which puts them in a position to develop concepts for actives that have a future and anticipate the needs of the cosmetics industry. To complement its innovative research, Mibelle Group Biochemistry also supplies its customers with technical support and marketing-related documentation.

Mibelle Group Biochemistry’s scientific work always keeps track of what is happening in the markets. It is designed to help companies in the cosmetics industry generate innovative product ideas and to position them successfully in the market.