A Clean Approach to Customer Needs

The Mibelle Group is ‘at home’ in the world of liquid and powder cleaning products and detergents. We are experienced enough to know precisely what these markets require and have the flexibility to develop new products that are tailored exactly to our customers' specifications.

Customised Washing and Cleaning Power

The washing and cleaning product market is an extremely dynamic and demanding one. Thanks to its creative, well-practised teams, the Mibelle Group is able to develop unconventional products that completely satisfy even the most demanding customer expectations. When it comes to generating ideas and concepts, creating new formulae or designing packaging, the Mibelle Group spares no effort to remain a step ahead of the game. Using consumer and trend studies, we develop the products of tomorrow. These may well have particularly marked ecological or skin-friendly properties, or stand out because of their high quality, effectiveness or agreeable fragrances. By using only the very latest generations and systems of active ingredients, we ensure that our products meet consumer expectations as regards washing and cleaning power, and comply with all legal requirements. We lose no time integrating state-of-the-art technological advances into our work, which results in sustainable and ecologically sound product concepts. These can range from the use of recyclable materials like PET and corrugated cardboard to stand-up pouches that take up less room when disposed of. With our many years of experience and proximity to clients and markets, the Mibelle Group is able to manufacture customized products in all qualities and price categories from entry level to premium class, and help client’s ideas make their breakthrough.