Top Quality for Your Health's Sake

Mibelle Group Nutrition focuses on the development and production of margarines and other spreads, liquid fats and oils, cooking fats and butter products, all of the very highest quality. These also include special products intended for further processing in the food industry and are precisely geared to the final product or to the specific manufacturing process.

Expertise in Terms of Health, Natural Quality and Sustainability

General guidelines for the development and production of customized products suitable for the food sector are provided by the megatrends that shape demand in the food sector. In terms of health and the natural quality of our products, one of the greatest challenges we face is the integration of vital Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which the human body is unable to produce for itself. Informed consumers know that these components can help to stabilise blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. At the same time, they value sustainability, particularly as it applies to palm oil sourcing, packaging reduction and energy consumption.One of the key issues regarding vegetable based spreads is flavour and the Mibelle Group products come very close to the benchmark – in this case, pure butter – and are getting closer all the time.

Creative, Goal-oriented approches to new Product Varieties

Our operations take their cue from the latest findings in nutritional science but are also guided by the Mibelle Group's ability to predict trends in the food markets. Nevertheless, remaining ahead of the field also calls for a spirit of invention and a willingness to experiment: we take a creative approach to aromas, vitamins, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and other high-quality ingredients, which in turn enable us to generate more and more new varieties. These often anticipate consumption trends, particularly as regards spreads and cooking fats.