Cooking butter

Cooking butter, made from pure Swiss butter, is very versatile, being suitable not only for hot and cold dishes, but also for baking. It is essential in any kitchen which is home to a passionate cook. Its unmistakeable taste is ideal for making cakes and pastries, biscuits, delicate sauces and all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes.

Half-fat butter

Half-fat butter is a light spread with 50% less fat and 50% fewer calories. It is perfect for gourmets who want that real butter taste with less fat and fewer calories. It contains carefully selected Swiss butter and is ideal for use in the diet-conscious kitchen. (Also available in individual portions.)

Lactose-free butter

The inability to tolerate milk is known as lactose intolerance. People who are lactose intolerant do not produce, or do not produce enough of, the digestive enzyme lactase. This causes bloating, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and discomfort. Our lactose-free butter has been awarded the Swiss Allergy Centre’s “aha” seal of quality (visit www.aha.ch for more information) and is produced from Swiss ingredients. It ensures that lactose intolerance sufferers can enjoy the delicious taste of real butter that does not contain any dairy products and so remain pain-free.

Spreadable butter

Our chilled, spreadable butter is perfect for spreading straight from the ‘fridge, without the inclusion of additional ingredients. Like all our other butters, Spreadable consists of nothing but pure, pasteurised cream from Swiss cows. The secret behind its spreadability when chilled lies in the use of specially selected butter and extremely gentle processing. It is important to return the product to the refrigerator immediately after use so the product retains its smooth consistency.

Blended butter products

Our blended butter products include Soft, which has an unmistakeable, spreadable consistency due to the use of Swiss rapeseed oil and pure Swiss butter. Soft is guaranteed to be spreadable straight from the refrigerator. Another blended product is our organic butter with rapeseed oil.

Frying butter

Our butter for frying, sautéing and cooking is made from Swiss ingredients. It has a long shelf life without refrigeration, does not spit and is heat-resistant to 180 °C. Organic frying butter also available.