In the field of large consumers we supply Migros Industry businesses such as Jowa and Midor, amongst others. These turn our diverse products into cakes and pastries, biscuits and cake batters. All our bulk goods are made from non-hydrogenated fats. The standard range also includes organic products.
Our bulk goods range includes:


  • Lactose-free butter - for guaranteed, worry-free enjoyment of delicious butter products.

Cooking margarine

  • Vegetable margarine - perfect as a spread for sandwiches and canapés, for frying and sautéing and to make herb butters, tuna paté and stuffing.
  • Puff pastry margarines - mainly suitable for making flaky pastry, puff pastry and especially shortcrust pastry. Organic puff pastry margarine is also available, perfect for manufacturing organic croissants, organic flaky pastry and organic yeast doughs.
  • Baking margarines - ideal for use in shortcrust pastry doughs, yeast doughs and sweet doughs and for producing mixed and beaten batters. Also available as organic margarine.
  • Mixed products - croissant enriched with 5% butter. Mainly used to make croissants and folded yeast doughs.

Baking fats

  • Croissant fat - used to make croissants, cake batters and yeast doughs.
  • Hydrogenated vegetable fat - perfect for stabilising crème patissière mixtures, custards and chocolate coverings.
  • Organic universal fat - for making organic cake batters.

Special products

  • Basic cream - 100% fat, used to make creams and custards for fillings. Slightly sweetened and enhanced with a hint of vanilla.
  • Vermigra - special margarine perfect for making basic vermicelli mixture.
  • Ready-to-use base cream - vegetable base composition with a neutral taste and soft, melting texture, which whips up to a good volume. Perfect for creams and custards.
  • Sandwich spread - spreadable straight from the refrigerator with a subtle, butter flavour. Perfect for sandwiches and canapés, for making herb butters, tuna paté and stuffing.