Since 1967 our Sanissa Classic vegetable and vegan range, with a fat content of 80%, has stood for outstanding quality and a diverse range of uses. It is also suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, as it does not contain any dairy products, but is made from pure vegetable fats. It is classic for frying, cooking or baking, but because of its consistency can also be used like a normal spread on bread. Also available as Sanissa au beurre, enriched with 10% butter (visit for more information).


It’s the simple things in life which are good, such as fresh bread spread with Délice, for a light and delicate taste. This margarine has a light consistency and delicate taste which makes it perfect for spreading on bread straight from the refrigerator. It is produced exclusively in Switzerland from high-quality vegetable oils. As it contains just 40% fat, the ideal solution for diet-conscious people. Also available as vegan Délice extra light, with just 25% fat for lactose intolerance sufferers.


Pure vegetable, vegan Balance is the perfect solution for a healthy diet every day. It contains one third less fat than ordinary margarines and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3), which have a positive effect on cholesterol regulation. Balance also has a high vitamin E content, which makes a valuable contribution to protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress.
Also available as Balance au beurre, enriched with Swiss butter.
ColBalance vital is the perfect solution if you have a slightly raised cholesterol level. At just 35% fat, it provides a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and plant sterols. These valuable phyto substances help to reduce cholesterol and thus minimise the risk of coronary heart disease.

Baking margarine

Sanissa au beurre enriched with 10% butter is the perfect alternative to cooking butter. It is suitable for both hot and cold dishes, when preparing cakes and pastries, biscuits, delicate sauces and all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes. Economical vegan M Budget Margarine is just as versatile and is the perfect vegetable alternative to cooking butter.