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As the third-largest producer of private label products in Europe, we are proud that our products are represented at Migros and other renowned retail chains around the globe. And what's more, manufacturers of exclusive cosmetics lines also put their trust in our innovative active substances.

Across all of the companies within the Mibelle Group, all employees will find a rich area of activities in diverse vocational groups and numerous opportunities to further their career. Come on board.

  • Patrick Maurer, Group Manager Packing: «In our department, every day is different. You have to keep an overview of things, even in hectic situations. But the most important thing is to empower your team so that they can carry out their tasks autonomously, while being there at any time as a troubleshooter to offer support when there is trouble somewhere or a system does not run smoothly.»

  • Sandor Koso, Group Manager Internal Logistics Packing: «In the Internal Logistics division, we ensure that our production systems never stand still. As a group manager, I keep shift plans, ensure fresh supplies, make sure the products are stored and keep the accounts.»

  • Ursula Riedweg, Packaging developer: «The fascination with developing packaging for Mibelle is to be found in the great variety of great products for diverse customers and markets. As a packaging developer, I can contribute ideas and thus help to make the products successful with an ideal and beautiful solution.»

  • Kathrin Krause, Key Account- Manager Personal Care D/AT: «As a Key Account Manager for baby and kids' products, I am the link between Mibelle and the customers. Developing ideas for new product together and following through the implementation of the ideas until the finished product is delivered to the satisfaction of the customer.»

  • Dorota Sendor-Müller, Dr. chem. line manager development: «In our laboratories we develop new products and improve existing ones. I am motivated by the fact that I can rely on my qualified and committed colleagues, giving me the confidence that the Mibelle Group can remain one step ahead of the competition both today and in future.»

  • Matthias Eglin, Head of Marketing and Sales Home Care International: «Our overriding goal is the collaboration with our international customers. With in-depth knowledge of markets, a feel for trends and our focus on the overall picture, we regularly surprise them with innovative product ideas providing an active contribution to their success.»