The success of the Mibelle Group is built upon the foundation of our motivated employees. Their professional and interpersonal skills ensure that our Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care and Nutrition products have a firm place throughout households across the World. It is also thanks to their entrepreneurial approach that the reputation of the Mibelle Group, part of Migros, extends far beyond Switzerland.

Are you in?

As an innovative company we are always moving forwards, accompanied by our employees. With local bases at six sites in Switzerland, France, England and South Korea, the Mibelle Group works on a global scale for our customers. Are you interested?

Supported by over 1,250 skilled employee's who strive to continually drive the business forward with interesting innovation and solutions. How can we serve you?

We have a lot to offer

Day-to-day business in the Mibelle Group is all about value-oriented leadership and team-oriented cooperation. We promote and encourage entrepreneurial thought and action, a sense of responsibility and flexibility. Open communication ensures transparency, lends security and thus creates the freedom for initiative.

We act responsibly

We are aware of our social responsibility towards our employees. We focus on fair and performance-related remuneration as well as the long-term preservation of our employees‘ job market prospects. Progressive working conditions with flexible working hours are as natural to us as the promotion of health in the workplace.

We lead by focusing on value

By concentrating on our customers‘ requirements we can set clear goals. We take responsibility for our actions and act fairly and reliably. In doing so, we focus on our strengths and seize opportunities for development. We base our decisions on facts which we communicate clearly. An open feedback culture is part of our natural learning approach, as is the quest to continously improve what we do.

We will help you achieve your goals

On-the-job training and continuous training and development packages ensure that our employees can fulfil their tasks, now and in the future. We welcome and encourage personal learning and skills development – in the workplace and through vocational education and training. Seize the opportunities; we will support you.