Mibelle Group receives Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft Quality Label for the nature-friendly landscaping of its Frenkendorf site


Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft awards its Quality Label to nature-friendly corporate sites. Recently, Mifa AG in Frenkendorf was awarded the certificate after transforming one third of its approximately 55,200m2 site into a nature-friendly environment, thereby making an important contribution to the ecological and sustainable development of the green space around its premises.

Nature-friendly habitat

As well as inhabiting unspoilt environments and biotopes, lapwings, frogs and bees also make themselves at home in the areas surrounding distribution centres, industrial concerns, branch offices and leisure and residential sites. But only when people take the trouble to deliberately create environments suitable for living creatures.
Even a small drystone wall can provide shelter for insects. Landscaped flat roofs, trees and open spaces on company sites are also valuable environments for indigenous plants and animals. And in densely populated Switzerland it is especially important that nature-friendly environments are created in heavily built-up zones.

Mifa AG is committing itself to Generation M – and that’s a promise

We promise Leda to create at least 2.5 million square metres of nature-friendly living space for animals and plants by the end of 2015.” This was the undertaking reaffirmed by the Migros sustainability programme “Generation M” at the beginning of 2014. A cornerstone of this commitment is that at least one third of company land is rendered nature-friendly, in other words that these spaces are planted with indigenous species appropriate to the specific site and that no biocides or pesticides are used.

Due to the ideal underlying conditions at the approximately 55,200 m² Mifa AG site in Frenkendort, it had long been the company’s intention to redevelop the space in a nature-friendly way and therefore to make a significant contribution to the protection of nature and the environment. Because each new square metre represents a stand against the loss of species and the greying of the environment and for improved quality of life in and with our nature.

Everyone’s a winner
Not only do attractive, nature-friendly company sites have a positive impact on animals and plants, staff are also among the beneficiaries. People who can enjoy a view of green spaces as they work feel good and are more productive. These natural oases can be used during work breaks for the purposes of recuperation, relaxation and inspiration.

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