To celebrate Switzerland’s top-selling toothpaste brand’s 70th birthday, on behalf of Migros the Mibelle Group has developed a birthday edition of Candida Classic Mint. The retro-look metallic toothpaste tube will be available as a limited edition throughout the birthday year.

Even the Romans cleaned their teeth. They used powdered bone, horn or mussel shells, which they mixed with myrrh. During the 19th century, powdered teeth cleaners were pressed into blocks of toothpaste by adding soap. The first paste was created later in the USA, by adding glycerine, and this was sold in metal tubes, laying the foundation for the toothpaste of today. Around the turn of the century, with the realisation that bacteria in oral flora caused caries, there were attempts to incorporate fluoride into toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.

Above all it was poor dental health after the Second World War that prompted Migros to include in its range its own fluoride toothpaste to prevent against tooth decay. This was the birth of Candida, which has since become Switzerland’s best-selling toothpaste.

Candida is developed and produced by the Mibelle Group. The recipe for classic Candida Peppermint and Candida Fresh Gel has been basically the same for decades, but of course has also been adapted to incorporate the latest scientific findings. Nowadays the flavour is a tad fresher too. Toothpaste doesn’t have to taste of mint though. Candida has exploited this fact for years by regularly launching limited editions with innovative flavours.

Candida design over the last 70 years

In the meantime, the Mibelle Group has developed a wide range of oral care-related products for Candida to meet almost every need - for sensitive teeth and gums, to prevent tartar, to protect tooth enamel and to prevent bad breath. Decades of cooperation with renowned institutions and universities and the extensive experience of Candida’s researchers and developers have ensured that Candida’s recipes have kept pace with the latest scientific standards.

Candida’s classic retro-look anniversary toothpaste lets you experience cleaning as it was 70 years ago.The mild minty flavour is still refreshing today and ensures a pleasant, clean mouthfeel. The new formula prevents tooth decay and plaque, strengthens gums and remineralises tooth enamel. It also helps to prevent tartar formation. (Clinically proven to be effective.)

* Source: Nielsen Consumer Panel, Consumer Panel DH CH, Migros Goods Structure, volume in litres, Period 12 months to Oct. 2018)