“You are what you eat!” Superfood, low carb, functional food - all these nutritional trends ultimately focus on the same need - a balanced diet without sacrificing taste. Mibelle Group Nutrition has hit upon a globally innovative trend product with the new Oh! High Protein Butter and simultaneously captured the zeitgeist.

More and more people regard the products on their plate as part of their quality of life, indeed as a lifestyle choice. People are interested in nutrition and value a healthy and balanced diet. “Protein” is the current nutritional buzzword.

The trend towards protein-rich food is not an accident, however. In the past a protein-rich diet was high on the agenda for all sportsmen and bodybuilders, but things have long since changed.Proteins, one of our body’s key nutrients, are one of the components that play an essential part in muscle development and maintenance. Protein-rich food is healthy and, per calorie, is much more satisfying than carbohydrates, for example.

Global innovation Oh! High Protein Butter developed by Mibelle Group Nutrition, is a blend of natural Swiss butter and a high proportion of valuable whey proteins, with a reduced fat content. It is therefore the perfect complement to weight loss, weight maintenance or, quite simply a balanced and sensible diet.

The packaging design is also new and unusual, as the black and blue tub stands out in the chiller cabinet compared to dairy products traditionally packed in pale colours.