Professional Services for Individual Solutions

Mibelle Group services embrace the entire value added chain from concept development through to product and brand marketing. Clients can choose to use them as a whole or select individual service modules, entirely as needed. The right solution is the one that precisely meets the client's needs.

The Mibelle Group works to high Swiss quality standards. Products are subject to a quality management system running throughout the entire process and the Group complies strictly with the standards set by regulators in the certification usual for the industry.

Research & Development

  • Research and development of actives by Mibelle Group Biochemistry
  • Assessment of actives and other ingredients in terms of stability, preservation and skin-compatibility
  • In vitro and in vivo testing to assess effectiveness
  • Well-organized network of specialists throughout Europe
  • Consumer acceptance testing with panels in Switzerland, Germany and the UK
  • All necessary documentation drawn up in accordance with current and proposed regulatory directives (safety assessments, EU Dossiers, etc.)

Product Development

  • Developing innovative product ideas
  • Creating concepts for marketable products
  • Professional trend and market analyses
  • Systematic store checks and product range analyses

Product Management

  • Product design support
  • Development of environmentally sound packaging solutions suited to the needs of the market and client
  • Development of marketing concepts geared to needs of specific markets and countries, including consumer facing strategies
  • Development and realisation of product documentation, including samples, displays, POS advertising, consumer education, etc.

Brand Management & Reporting

  • Analysis of the market trends and gap identification
  • Development of exclusive brands in the cosmetics sector
  • An innovation-driven product portfolio aligned with retailer specific strategies
  • Exceptional speed to market due to efficient and flexible process organisation
  • Close rapport with customers leading to the creation of industryleading propositions
  • Flexibility of approach and the ability to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of retail formats
  • Systematic sales monitoring as part of after-sales service
  • Permanent monitoring of consumer acceptance and the product life cycle as a basis for gearing product range to market needs

Category Management

  • Pro-active advice on the development of product variants and the planning and implementation of range extensions
  • Basis: market research studies into consumer needs and comparisons to product related competitor activities


  • Group-owned warehousing and on-demand delivery
  • Automated, electronically controlled warehousing logistics
  • Delivery patterns tailored to client's needs