Turning values into deeds

The close coordination between our commitment and the sustainability strategy of M-Industry and Migros ensures that we commit ourselves to ambitious sustainability goals across the entire value creation chain – and continually check them: From the cultivation and procurement of the raw materials to production at our facilities and logistics, to consumption and recycling.

Considering ecological, social and economic aspects

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we are careful to strike a balance between the economy, the ecology and society. We therefore want to ensure long-term economic success, encourage our staff globally and protect the ecosystem for years to come.

Our focus topics

Sustainable Innovations

In the research and development of new products, the Mibelle Group is characterised by innovative strength, enabling it to constantly reconcile sustainability and demand. We want to offer our customers a range of sustainable products. Equally, we are focusing on product packaging recycling and are committed to high-quality, sustainable raw materials.
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Sustainable Production

We are implementing diverse measures for more sustainable production in our businesses. These measures place great emphasis on especially

efficient and prudent use of natural resources such as energy, raw materials and water.
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Social Commitment

The requirements for the attainment of our goals are good working conditions that the Mibelle Group, as a progressive employer, strives to create (social pioneering). Social fairness and qualified employees are the direct positive consequence of this.
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Tackling ten important fields of action

Ten concrete fields of action for improvement have been defined using targeted measures. These fields of action apply to all M-Industry companies and the actions of each company and each employee play a key part in achieving these objectives.



Water & soil



Ressource efficiency

Capacity for innovation

Market performance


World of employment



Animal welfare