Our Basis

You could say that our commitment to sustainability is part of the DNA of the Mibelle Group and is derived from the ambitious sustainability programme of our parent group Migros (Generation M) and from the strategic sustainability goals of our parent company M-Industry.

The sustainability policy of the Mibelle Group and the M-Industry (PDF)

We are part of a comprehensive commitment

Migros has already received numerous sustainability awards. In 2015, in a survey which rated 140 retailers worldwide on the basis of 100 social and ecological criteria, independent rating agency Oekom Research classed Migros as by far the world’s most sustainable retailer.

The Mibelle Group played its part in this pleasing result, in the same way as it is contributing to the promises made and targets set by Migros and M-Industry for 2020 and 2040. Our performance is continually monitored to ensure this and we provide regular internal sustainability reports to Migros and M-Industry.

We have an environmental management system

For a long time the Mibelle Group has been working to cut environmental pollution. The ISO 14001 international environmental management standard awarded to our Swiss sites at Buchs (Mibelle AG) and Frenkendorf (Mifa AG) and to our French site at Sarreguemines (Ondal France S.A.R.L) is proof of our success. These sites thus meet this standard's rigorous requirements.

ISO 14001 certification obliges us to take a systematic, comprehensive management approach: the basis is compliance with all current environmental regulations and environmentally friendly, efficient production processes. We are furthermore optimising all environmental measures as part of a continuous improvement process (CIP). This obligation extends beyond production to all areas, including environmental policy and employee training.

ISO 14001 certificate, Buchs site (Mibelle AG)
ISO 14001 certificate, Frenkendorf site (Mifa AG)
ISO 14001 certificate, Sarreguemines (Ondal France S.A.R.L)

Ambitious targets and pioneering visions

We have set ourselves ambitious targets, but these are realistic and motivating objectives up to 2020. The pioneering visions up to 2040 act as beacons providing us with direction in the long term. They prepare the ground for more radical innovations and presuppose certain technical advancements.

2020: 40 objectives
Over 40 key objectives – distributed evenly over the ten field of action – must be achieved by 2020.

2040: 100% objective
100% sustainable raw materials:
From 2040, we will only process sustainable raw materials.
100% renewable energies:
From 2040, we will only work with renewable energies.
100% recycling:
From 2040, we will only work with closed ecological cycles.


Our parent company's sustainability programme.

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Our parent company Migros' sustainability programme 'Generation M'.

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