Passion for sustainability included

"Responsible production, research and management has characterised the Mibelle Group from the outset. We have thus ascribed to a comprehensive vision of sustainability and a corresponding commitment. We not only help our customers to obtain full services optimally tailored to their requirements – sustainability is part of the conviction at our company and offers our customers an expedient added value.”

Kind regards,

Luigi Pedrocchi,
CEO of the Mibelle Group


Sustainability as added value for our Customers

Our sustainability commitment is established in the core business and is being systematically developed further. Our customers thus gain the certainty that their products are always up-to-date ecologically. In addition to the pure product performance, we as a supplier and service provider thus also improve the sustainability performance of our customers, e.g. through improvement of the ecological footprint of their products, and thus pave the way for the long-term entrepreneurial success of our business partners. With our sustainability guarantee, we strengthen our brand promise «We make your brand grow».